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Secrecy and weakening assaults make Sombra an incredible infiltrator. Her hacking can disturb her adversaries, guaranteeing they’re simpler to take out, while her EMP gives the high ground against various enemies on the double. Sombra’s capacity to Translocate and disguise herself makes her a hard objective to nail down.


Secrecy and weakening assaults makes Sombra Overwatch an incredible infiltrator. Her hacking can upset her adversaries, guaranteeing that they’re simpler to take out, while her EMP gives the advantage against various enemies on the double. Sombra’s capacity to Translocate and cover herself makes her a hard objective to nail down. She needs elective methods for managing harm, so utilizing Opportunist and Hack can help even the chances among Sombra and her rivals.

Sombra’s key capacity. The Hack can be performed by squeezing optional fire towards an objective for 0.65 second. After Sombra completes the Hack, the foe will have their capacities impaired for 5 seconds. Sombra can likewise hack wellbeing packs to make them respawn considerably quicker while at the same time keeping the foe from utilizing it. Supporting any measure of harm during the enactment of Hack will intrude on the capacity.

Sombra’s definitive capacity. Sombra releases her energy and makes an impact in a huge range around herself. All adversaries inside the impact will be Hacked and unfit to utilize any capacities for 5 seconds. Any dynamic obstruction from adversaries will be annihilated. It likewise obliterates safeguards on all objectives, including Symmetra’s Teleporter.

General methodologies

Timing is basic for Sombra. Drawing in when your group isn’t battling the adversary implies more adversaries can unreservedly target you. In case you’re arranging an interruption, utilize your group’s chevrons to decide whether they are in position to capitilize. Imparting who you have tricked away from the gag is additionally helpful for your group. Versatility is additionally urgent for Sombra Overwatch. You should have the option to perceive when you need to stay back with your group to strip a foe flanker like Genji, to invade the backlines and land a basic hack, or to continually pressure the foe group by challenging the goal and pulling them from the gag. Regularly you will switch between these styles in a similar match. Monitoring what the foe is running, the execute feed, and your own group’s openness is of the utmost importance for figuring out what you should do.

A typical error with the Translocator is to convey it in places where it eliminates Sombra from commitment for expanded timeframes, for example, setting it in produce or infrequently voyaged healthpacks. These spots are likely protected, however moving to them viably puts your group down a part. Attempt to put your translocator in places that give you the most choices. High-ground places that give you the decision of proceeding with the battle, withdrawing to get mended by your group, or if essential, to get a close by wellbeing pack, are ideal positions.


One of the world’s most infamous programmers, Sombra Overwatch utilizes data to control people with significant influence. Sombra’s abilities incorporate PC hacking and cryptography these are exercises she significantly appreciates, to where the craving to move beyond locks and addressing secrets is instilled as a part of her character. She is a known partner of Reaper, represent considerable authority in reconnaissance and knowledge evaluation. She is outfitted with gadgets that permit hacking of innovation simply through touch. This incorporates a computerized join embedded along her spine.[8] which fundamentally makes her a living PC. She is a recluse inwardly, thinking that its hard to make companions . Her own distinguishing mark is a sugar skull.

After Colomar was taken in by Mexico’s Los Muertos pack, she helped it in its so called unrest against the public authority, performing hacks against said government for their sake. Los Muertos accepted that the reconstructing of Mexico had basically profited the rich and the persuasive, leaving behind the individuals who were most needing help. Official Rivera was one such model, when she presented to him a bin of bread directly to his work area, which allowed her the chance to get to his PC. She came to understand that information was power, thus, she continued hacking—legislators, organizations, governments, renowned individuals; all were in her space of request. The recovery of data turned into a dependence, and her hacks turned out to be more bold after some time.

Law implementation sorted the break-ins as a criminal activity, and Atlas News investigated the “Sombra aggregate,” mixing up Colomar’s way of life collectively, not a person. Sombra guaranteed that she was “just acting the public interest.” Her endeavors impelled a famous unrest in Mexico against LumériCo, and supportive of Sombra grafitti was accounted for across the world. Not exactly seven days after the hole, Portero ventured down as CEO. By this point, Sombra was at that point hacking the organization of her next target—Volskaya Industries.

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